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Arachnoid Cysts

Arachnoid Cysts (ACs) are cerebrospinal fluid-filled sacs that grow on the brain or spinal cord. These non-cancerous sacs are the most common type of brain cysts, appearing at birth or after head trauma in childhood. Although many arachnoid cysts do not cause symptoms, patients may develop headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, seizures, or even more severe brain damage and movement deficits. Treatment modalities are dependent on symptom prevalence and growth location. The cause of ACs is unknown, though its development is believed to be in part genetic. Despite this understanding, the genetic foundations are currently undetermined and understudied.


Our team is committed to uncovering the genetic causes of ACs and improving the lives of patients. We are not currently recruiting for this project, but please check back here or contact us for updates!

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