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Congratulations to Kahle Lab Alums on Match Day!

We want to share a major congratulations to Kahle Lab members, Duy Phan and Amrita Singh, for matching into spectacular residency programs. Upon their graduation from Yale School of Medicine, Duy will be joining the neurosurgery program at University of Virginia and Amrita will be joining the neurosurgery program at Columbia University.

Our team is so proud of their achievements and grateful for their commitment to our research. Dr. Kahle shared this message on Twitter: "Congrats to now Kahle Lab *alums* Duy Phan and Amrita Singh on nailing the Match at UVA and Columbia, respectively- terrific programs who will be even better by the addition of these guys! Welcome to the club!"

He also said, "get ready for 4 more outstanding Kahle Lab students for Neurosurgery Match 2024, just getting ready to start their sub-internships now! [This is] easily one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Principal Investigator and mentor."

We wish both Duy and Amrita the best of luck in their next step, and look forward to hearing about all of their successes, in medicine and in life!

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