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Dr. Kahle visits University of Chicago for The Dr. K Jeffery Kranzler Memorial Lecture

Dr. Kristopher Kahle recently traveled to UChicago, where he received his undergraduate degrees in 1999, to share his research on genomics at The Dr. K Jeffery Kranzler Memorial Lecture under the Department of Neurological Surgery. The memorial lecture is presented in memory of Dr. Kranzler's life and work at The University of Chicago, simultaneously enriching the Departments of Neurological Surgery, Pediatrics, and Radiology. In giving his lecture, Dr. Kahle said it was "surreal to come full circle at UCM Neurosurgery with friends and colleagues in my favorite city and old stomping grounds... [a place with] historic tradition and a bright future." Kahle lab is always grateful to share our work in genomics with medical peers and with patients, who contribute so much to this research!

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